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5 Big Reveals We’re Hoping to See at WWDC 2023

A new version of macOS

The launch of a new macOS operating system is one of the most important news we’re expecting for at WWDC 2023. It’s time for an upgrade because the most recent version of macOS, Monterey, was launched in 2021.


The next iPad Pro

One of the most powerful tablets available is Apple’s iPad Pro. However, we’re looking for a new iPad Pro at WWDC 2023 as a result of the launch of new technology. A more potent processor, a better camera, and upgraded display technologies are what we anticipate.


HomePod 2

HomePod, an Apple smart speaker, was introduced in 2018. Since there haven’t been any HomePod lineup updates in a while, we’re looking for a HomePod 2 announcement at WWDC 2023.


Glasses by Apple

For many years, there have been rumours concerning Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses. We do anticipate a formal announcement at WWDC 2023, though.


AirPods 3

The Apple AirPods are among the most popular wireless earphones on the market today. We’re looking for an AirPods 3 announcement at WWDC 2023 as the latest upgrade to the AirPods series was in 2019