NBA Playoffs

5 takeaways from Lakers' Game 3 victory over Grizzlie

Brooks hurts the wrong team

Laker fans are known for being fashionably late arrivals, but a healthy handful defied that notion by showing up as soon as the gates opened to catch pre-game warmups, presumably with the goal of booing Public Enemy No. 1.


Ja rule

Moments after arriving at crypto.Com Arena, Ja Morant had a message for his teammates: I’m good. He went through some stretching, then took the court for some shooting, and all lights were yellow until an hour before the game when they turned green.


AD bounces back

The Lakers missed a big opportunity in Game 2 when the Grizzlies were without Morant. One reason was the surprising subpar play by Anthony Davis. He scored only 13 points, never had any impact defensively and really was invisible.


Rui still ready to roll

Move aside, Austin Reeves, and make room for a co-fan favorite at Crypto. That would be Rui Hachimura, who has rapidly won over the crowd with more of the same level of play since arriving at mid-season in a swap with the Wizards.


Last L.A. team standing?

Perhaps the most impressive moment Saturday inside Arena was during the doubleheader changeover, from a Clippers’ home game early in the day to the Lakers’ nightcap.